Pottery Lessons

Pottery lessons are set-up by appointment and two options are available:

1. You can choose a one hour lesson for $30, which will give you the opportunity to either use the wheel or handbuild your own creation. Your piece will be completed and ready for you to pick up within two weeks, or can be mailed to you for an additional cost.

2. The second option is a series of classes for $20/hr (plus materials and firings). This option allows you to complete your piece from start to finish. You can choose to use the wheel or to handbuild.

If you would like to learn the art of pottery, or if you would like a creative hobby, this is the class for you.


Also available: Have your baby's hand and foot print embedded in clay for $15.


For appointments or custom work, please contact Eileen at (218) 251-8487 or email.