Eileen, owner/potter

About 30 years ago, Eileen received her BA in Studio Arts at Bethel College in St. Paul, MN. She specializes in ceramics and began her own business selling pottery shortly after graduating college. She has made functional stoneware on the wheel and by handbuilding. she later discovered that porcelain clay has a character of its own. So she began creating hand-built porcelain pieces an eight of an inch thick that have a free-form torn edge. She calls this style of pottery “torn porcelain.”

Another avenue that Eileen has gone down with pottery is that of hand-built tiles. She has woodland, cottage, and fish-style tiles. These hand-built tiles have a beauty all their own. Lace andfern pottery are also different styles of pottery that she loves to create. It's a break from wheel-thrown pottery. A variety is the spice of life in how she works with clay.

Eileen loves working with people, so offering pottery lessons give her a chance to work with one person, a couple, or a small group. She also loves working with her husband, Tim, who does blacksmithing and welding. They become a team when creating custom work for their customers. Using re-purposed and reclaimed materials to create unique and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

Check out Eileen's pottery.