“Something new mixed with an old soul.”

Stylish Pottery  |  Unique Ironwork  |  Rustic Furniture

The Kulseths, Tim and Eileen, work together, putting their strengths of pottery, welding and blacksmithing together to create custom pieces for customers who want something out of the ordinary. With Tim's engineering mind and Eileen's schooling in art, it makes for a great blend of creative ideas made into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and decor. They believe that when their strengths are yielded to their Heavenly Father's inspiration, functional and fun works of art that are "outside of the box" are created.

Tim and Eileen's work have shown up in books such as Better Homes and Garden, magazines like Midwest Living, and on the Bob Yapp Home Show on public TV.

The Cottage Place is a welcoming place to linger. Visit our showroom, stay for a pottery lesson (perhaps do it with a friend), or stroll down to the brook and sit on the dock for awhile. See samples of our work here: pottery, furniture and metal work.

Watch this video of Eileen making a ceramic casserole.

Courtesy of Common Ground, Lakeland Public Television.

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